How women emotionally and psychologically abuse men

How women emotionally and psychologically abuse men

“My ex-girlfriend was an emotional terrorist.”

Emotional and psychological abuses tear a person up inside.

Emotionally abused men feel drained, distracted, and debilitated. 

All other categories of partner abuse (financial, verbal, sexual, physical . . . ) have an emotional/psychological component. This is true when the source of the abuse is a man and the target of the abuse is a woman. It is even more profound when the genders are reversed.

Abused men have the extra degree of difficulty in that it is so hard to get your head around the idea that you, a man, are being emotionally, financially, physically, sexually . . .  beat-up by a woman. Our culture pretends that what is happening is not happening. 

If you have an abusive wife or girlfriend, you are likely feeling extra confused and isolated. But, you are not alone. Abuse OF men BY women is, unfortunately, all too common. And, contrary to media representations depicting the actions and attitudes of abusive women as funny and amusing, it is neither funny or amusing. It is hurtful and destructive. 


Ways Women Emotionally and Psychologically Abuse Men

A woman may emotionally and psychologically abuse her husband, boyfriend, or ex in a myriad of ways: 

  • isolation from friends, family, or other supportive people
  • alienation of his children’s affection
  • minimizing his time with his children
  • playing helpless
  • abdicating responsibility for decision-making or her bad behavior
  • making him feel responsible for the abuse
  • neglect/withholding affection
  • false accusations of abuse (of her or the children)
  • harassment
  • stalking
  • character assassination
  • manipulation
  • distorting the truth
  • unfounded jealousy
  • gaslighting: trying to make him feel crazy
  • unreasonable expectations
  • false promises
  • brainwashing
  • corruption
  • exploitation
  • sabotaging his ability to have another relationship

For further explanation of each of the ways women emotionally and psychologically abuse their male partners, check out my book:


Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It












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