Get Fit & Stay Fit Hypnosis recording (mp3)

Product Description

Reach and maintain your ideal weight and health with this weight loss hypnosis recording.

Stop the fight between your conscious goals and your subconscious wants. Get your subconscious on-board with living a healthy lifestyle.

Get Fit & Stay Fit covers a wide range of behaviors that contribute to health and fitness. Get to your ideal weight and fitness level with relative ease, and then maintain your slim, trim, healthy self.

This recording can be used any time you have about 40 minutes to relax or as you are preparing for sleep. (It works even if you are sleeping while "listening" to the recording.)

Get Fit & Stay Fit can help you:

  • loose weight and keep it off
  • easily make healthy food choices--"healthy foods, in healthy amounts, at healthy times of day"
  • overcome emotional eating
  • extinguish pangs of desire for foods that are unhealthy for you
  • exercise in ways that are helpful to you
  • release roadblocks for success
  • stick to a prescribed or chosen diet
  • drink sufficient water
  • get optimal refreshing sleep
  • get back on track if you make a choice that goes against your goals
  • use portion control
  • efficiently reach and maintain your ideal weight

I do NOT tell you what to eat or when to eat. You can use this recording to support any diet or eating plan you set as a goal (ie Gluten-free, or a diabetic diet, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, low-carbohydrate, more veggies, sugar-free, ... or "healthy".) The mantra is "healthy foods, in healthy amounts, at healthy times of day."

Here are small excerpts from Get Fit & Stay Fit:

"It is easier and easier for you to live a healthy lifestyle:

choosing healthy foods and beverages, in healthy amounts, at healthy times of day,

and working healthy amounts and types of exercise into your daily life

easily and efficiently with joy."


"Healthy eating habits become more and more automatic for you.

You eat slowly so that your body has the chance to tell you when it is satisfied.

You eat consciously and easily stop yourself if you mindlessly begin eating or drinking.

Your appetite draws you toward healthy foods and rejects unhealthy foods."


"You see how to reach your healthy weight and fitness goals more and more clearly.

Your motivation for healthy living grows more and more powerful.

Your determination to optimize your health grows stronger each day,

stronger each hour.

Each day, your self-control and discipline

for leading a healthy lifestyle

is strengthened and fortified."


Listening to this recording before sleep usually helps people get to sleep and helps them have a more refreshing sound sleep.


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