a quick look at Abuse OF Men BY Women

Product Description

Men can be on the receiving end of an abusive relationship!

It could be from an emotionally abusive girlfriend, a physically abusive wife, or a female partner who is demanding, controlling, manipulative or bullying using any of the 7 forms of partner or spousal abuse.

We often just think about domestic violence when we think about partner abuse, but there are many ways one partner can abuse another, including:

  1. verbal abuse,
  2. emotional/psychological abuse,
  3. legal abuse,
  4. sexual abuse,
  5. physical abuse,
  6. financial abuse, and
  7. spiritual abuse.

A quick look at Abuse OF Men BY Women is a short straight-to-the-point look at partner abuse when the target of the abuse is a man and the source of the abuse is a woman.


Note: This is a short summary version of my larger book, Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It. Click here to see the full-sized abuse of men by women book. 

What's Inside

This 16-page full-color booklet concisely explains:

  • what partner abuse is
  • how partner abuse by a woman to a man is similar and different from abuse by a man to a woman
  • domestic violence against men and the other 6 types of partner abuse
  • specific examples of each type of abuse 
  • how potentially abusive behaviors belong on continuums from not-at-all-abusive to very abusive
  • why men stay in relationships with abusive women
  • what abused men can do
  • how abusive women can change 


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