a quick look at Listening That Works

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A quick look at Listening That Works helps you learn the downside of typical ways of listening and provides tools for listening so that others feel heard and you understand what they are trying to communicate.

Often people are listening to their partner, friends, co-workers, and others, but get confusing feedback that those people don’t feel heard.

Healthy communication doesn’t come automatically. It involves skills that require learning and practice.

(Print version is 24 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", full color, glossy.)


A quick look at Listening That Works explains:

  • Why the usual ways of listening backfire
  • The goals of listening
  • How to check for understanding
  • How to encourage people to open up to you
  • How to reduce other people’s emotional intensity
  • 4 Listening Skills that work

    3 Communication Skills

    There are basically 3 situations in which we communicate and 3 corresponding communication skills.

    Listening That Works is one of the three communication skills.

    The other 2 skills are: Talking With Tact and Consultation.


    How I got to be so good at teaching communication

    I became interested in communication when I had my first child because I didn’t want to parent the way I had been parented and I realized healthy communication was a key to good parenting. (I wasn't a counselor then. In my first career, I was a Medical Lab Tech specializing in Microbiology.)

    I taught my first communication class about thirty years ago and further developed how to teach healthy communication after I earned degrees in Psychology and Counseling.

    The contents of my communication books have been honed and revised over many years of working with individuals and couples in workshops and my counseling private practice.

    My goal is always to present the how-to information clearly and simply so that it is easy to grasp and put into action.

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