Conversation Booster, Couples' Edition

Product Description

Card set in a clear plastic box. Each card is the size of a business card. The clear plastic box is 2.25" square by 4.25" tall.

101 conversation starters for couples + 10 Bonus Topics

Jumpstart conversation with your partner, whether you have been together a short time or for many years.

Enjoy the cards over dinners, on a road trip, evenings in . . . Randomly select topics or stack the deck to focus on particular topics.

Topics range from amusing to sexual and everything in between.


Example topic cards:

  • Where you would go if you were invisible
  • What helps you feel loved
  • Someone who has positively influenced your life
  • Something you wish was different about your job
  • The components of a successful relationship
  • Your partner’s best physical feature
  • What brings joy into your life
  • What your partner can do to help you get in the mood for making love

About the box

The "crystal clear" box by AMAC has been honored by the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City, with inclusion in it's Permanent Collection.




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