Relationship Booster

Product Description

Boost your relationship skills with Relationship Booster.

Relationship Booster is based on a Top 40 list of qualities/skills for healthy relationships I created while working with clients as individuals, couples, and groups. 

This interactive card set promotes conversation and learning about elements of healthy, happy, successful relationships: assertiveness, flexibility, respect . . . Each of these is both a quality and a skill.

The skillful use of each lies in a green zone in the middle of the continuum between too little and too much.

Use Relationship Booster on your own or with a partner, family, or group.

Card set in a clear plastic box. Each card is the size of a business card. The clear plastic box is 2.25" square by 4.25" tall.



The Relationship Booster set includes:

  • 2 wallet-size copies of the 40 relationship qualities/skills
  • 12 information cards
  • 40 skill cards

The 12 information card topics:

  1. The continuum
  2. The green zone
  3. Too much
  4. Challenges
  5. Point out the positive
  6. Using the list on your own
  7. Using the list with a partner
  8. Using the list with a family or group
  9. Pick a card
  10. Conversation starters
  11. Conversation starters 2
  12. Match game

Each of the skill cards offers:

  • a definition for the skill
  • a continuum from too little to too much with each of the unhealthy ends of the continuum labelled

About the box

The "crystal clear" box by AMAC has been honored by the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City, with inclusion in it's Permanent Collection.




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I cannot guarantee specific results from the use of my products (I feel that guaranteeing specific results would fly in the face of recognizing each person as a unique individual and would be counter my ethics as a counselor), but I can guarantee your satisfaction.

Try this card set for 14 days.

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