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Emotional Detox Hypnosis Download

Release & Refresh is like a gentle refreshing emotional detox helping you let go of emotions that get in the way of your health and happiness. 

This guided hypnosis or meditation can be used any time you have about 40 minutes to relax or as you are preparing for sleep. (It works even if you are sleeping while "listening" to the recording.)


Hypnosis for Insomnia too

Many people listen to this recording as they are going to sleep and many have told me that it is a great sleep hypnosis for anxiety and depression.

I have heard from several people who listened to the recording out loud at bedtime that not only did they sleep better but even their dogs were suddenly sleeping through the night. :)


Guided Hypnosis for Letting Go 

This recording can help you release anything that:

  • weighs you down,
  • stresses you out,
  • burdens or overwhelms you,
  • keeps you stuck, or
  • holds you back from reaching your potential.

Release the burden part of thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but keep the part that gives you wisdom and understanding.

Come away feeling refreshed and empowered.


Hypnotic Suggestions to Make You Feel Better

Here is a short excerpt from the Release & Refresh Emotional Detox Hypnosis recording:

"Old and recent emotional stress,
and discomfort
is released,
cleansed from every part of you,
every cell,
every nook and cranny.
You may experience it flowing out of your hands.
You may experience it flowing out of your feet.
Maybe it is released through all the pores of your body,
or you may experience it being released in another way,
let go,
cleansed away,
washed away.
You may feel the release.
You may see it,
or you may sense it.
as each emotion flows out of you,
you feel more and more relaxed,
and secure.
Your mind is more and more at ease,
more and more clear."

This is a great starter hypnosis. It helps with many different challenges people face.

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I cannot guarantee specific results from the use of my products (I feel that guaranteeing specific results would fly in the face of recognizing each person as a unique individual and would be counter my ethics as a counselor), but I can guarantee your satisfaction.

Try this recording for 14 days.

If you are not completely satisfied I will give you your money back.

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