Emotional Intelligence Booster

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Card set in a clear plastic box. Each card is the size of a business card. The clear plastic box is 2.25" square by 4.25" tall.

Boost your Emotional Intelligence (EI) with this skill-building card set.

Fun interactive way to grow your ability to label, understand and express emotions.

Emotions are tools that let you know what is going on between you and the world.

Using emotions effectively makes life better and better.

Most people only know 4 emotions: mad, glad, sad, and afraid. That handicaps you from being able to understand what you are feeling, and effectively use the information the emotions have to offer. Only having four emotion categories to slot all your emotions into also contributes to emotional overreactions.

Emotional Intelligence Booster can be used by an individual, couple, family, or group.

Emotional Intelligence Booster helps you:

  • expand beyond the four basic emotions and build your emotion vocabulary to 101 emotions,
  • learn how to figure out why you are feeling what you are feeling,
  • understand anger and what is creating it,
  • clear a backlog of old emotion, and
  • express yourself to others with tact using “I” messages.

The Emotional Intelligence Booster set includes:

  • two wallet-size copies of the 101 emotions list
  • 11 information cards
  • 100 emotion cards (Angry is on the emotions list but doesn’t have a card because anger is a secondary emotion. With anger, the question to ask yourself is “What emotion is underneath this anger?”)

The 11 information cards include these topics:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. About the list titles
  3. Not just words
  4. Beyond mad, glad, sad, and afraid
  5. "I" messages: talking with tact
  6. "I" messages: because . . .
  7. Anger
  8. Overreactions
  9. Using the list -- practice
  10. Using the list -- real life
  11. Using the word cards

About the box

The "crystal clear" box by AMAC has been honored by the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City, with inclusion in it's Permanent Collection.

One family's story

Quite a few years ago, I worked with a couple who then purchased the Emotional Intelligence Booster cards to use at home.

They used the cards to spur conversation with them and their children during dinner. This activity was on a regular rotation with another activity they called Roses and Thorns. (With Roses and Thorns, each person would say something good that happened to them that day and something prickly they had experienced.)

I bumped into the woman in the grocery store one day several years after our last session, and she was excited to tell me the story of her son's experience in Kindergarten. 

Her son's teacher had presented the class with pictures of "happy faces" showing different emotional expressions. Each child around a circle, took turns declaring what emotion they thought was represented by the pictures. One of the pictures was labelled sad by a number of children. My client's child chimed in "I don't think that's sad. I think that's disappointed."  

The teacher was so impressed that she told the mom the story. 

Clearly, her son had learned a lot from the family Emotional Intelligence Booster dinner time conversation routine.

Use EI Booster on its own or bundle it and save:

Emotional Intelligence Bundle

Emotional Intelligence Bundle

Emotional Intelligence Booster card set ($17.99 value)


A quick look at Demystifying Emotions print version ($4.99 value)


A quick look at Talking With Tact print version ($4.99 value)


Emotional Intelligence Bundle Price: $21.97 -- a savings of $6.00 (you save over 20%)


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