Booster Card Sets

Cards for fun and purpose

I developed the Booster card series while working with people in groups, couples, and as individuals. 

I use them in sessions with clients and they commonly purchase them to use at home.

If you are a helping professional, you can use these cards to help your clients, just as I have.

If you are someone looking to boost relationship skills, emotion skills, or conversations with your partner, use these card sets yourself, with your partner, or with your family or friends.


One family's story

Quite a few years ago, I worked with a couple who purchased the Emotional Intelligence Booster cards that we had used during a session to use at home.

They used the cards to spur conversation with them and their children during dinner. This activity was on a regular rotation with another activity they called Roses and Thorns. (With Roses and Thorns, each person would say something good that happened to them that day and something prickly they had experienced.)

I bumped into the woman in the grocery store one day several years after our last session, and she was excited to tell me the story of her son's experience in Kindergarten. 

Her son's teacher had presented the class with pictures of "happy faces" showing different emotional expressions. Each child around a circle took turns declaring what emotion they thought was represented by the pictures. One of the pictures was labeled sad by a number of children. My client's child chimed in "I don't think that's sad. I think that's disappointed."  

The teacher was so impressed that she told the mom the story. 

Clearly, her son had learned a lot from the family Emotional Intelligence Booster dinner time conversation routine.

Booster Card Sets

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Emotional Intelligence Booster

Booster card set

Emotional Intelligence Booster card set

Emotional Intelligence Booster


Card set in a clear plastic box. Each card is the size of a business card. The clear plastic box is 2.25" square by 4.25" tall. Boost your Emotional Intelligence (EI) with this skill-building card set. Fun interactive way to grow your ability to label, understand and express emotions. Emotions are tools that let you know what is going on between...

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