Break Free from Smoking Hypnosis Script (PDF)

Product Description


Hypnosis script to help your clients quit smoking.

Break Free from Smoking can help your client quit smoking without being irritable and without gaining weight.

Stop the fight between your client's conscious goal to quit smoking and their sabotaging drives and habits with this hypnosis script. Get their subconscious on-board with quitting smoking.

The script is easy to read and there are line breaks to help with pacing.

9 pages (8.5" x 11") using Times New Roman 14 font. The script is formatted for a rhythmic, lulling, relaxing pace. Downloadable PDF.

This is the prescriptive portion of a potential hypnosis session. It does not include an induction, deepener, or re-emerging instructions.


Hypnosis Script for Smoking Cessation

Break Free from Smoking can help your client:

  • quit smoking
  • extinguish pangs of desire for tobacco and nicotine
  • deal with emotions without smoking
  • overcome subconscious roadblocks to success
  • make healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise choices


Excerpts from Quit Smoking Hypnosis Script


Here are small excerpts from Break Free from Smoking:


"You know that there are many benefits to being free of the smoking habit.

Being tobacco and nicotine free benefits your body, mind, and spirit.

It benefits your relationships and your life.

Living healthy is enjoyable, energizing, and empowering. . ."


"You can let go of old smoking habits.

You can easily develop, and adapt to, habits that help your body and mind

achieve and maintain health. . ."


"You are comfortable with a non-smoker lifestyle.

It feels so good.

You enjoy your body and mind becoming healthier and more vibrant.

Each day you grow in confidence about yourself and your ability to easily and efficiently live a healthy tobacco and nicotine-free life. . ."


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