Discover Calm, Anti-Anxiety Hypnosis Script (PDF)

Product Description


Give your clients natural stress relief with this anti-anxiety hypnosis or meditation pdf script. 

I understand anxiety well because I've dealt with it personally and I've been helping my clients overcome fears, phobias, anxiety, and stress for many years. 

Discover Calm hypnosis script for anxiety and stress reduction and relief covers a wide-range of anxiety-busting approaches (education, skill-building, undoing the impact of negative past experiences . . .).

9 pages using Times New Roman 14 font on 8.5" x 11" paper. This anxiety hypnotherapy or meditation downloadable pdf script is formatted for a rhythmic, lulling, relaxing pace. 

This is only the prescriptive portion of a potential hypnosis session. It does not include an induction, deepener, or re-emerging instructions.


Discover Calm Hypnosis Script for Anxiety

The Discover Calm hypnosis script for anxiety will help your client:

  • understand fear, nervousness, worry, and anxiety
  • feel more relaxed, calm, and clear-headed as they go through their day
  • reduce anxiety to a healthy level of concern so that they can logically think through options for dealing with the source of the concern
  • release experiences that create an unhealthy level of fear
  • learn methods for coping with stress

    Discover Calm anti-anxiety hypnosis gives clients:
    • 5 relaxation techniques for relaxing any time they begin to feel anxious, worried, nervous, or panicky
    • an experience of being relaxed
    • natural stress relief 

      The 5 relaxation techniques

      This hypnosis script helps reinforce 5 relaxation skills. (You and your clients can choose to use any of the anxiety-relieving techniques, or all of them, to help them relax any time they begin to feel anxious, worried, nervous, or stressed.)


      1. Take a couple of deep breaths.

      "With each breath in, you breathe in relaxation.

      With each breath out, you breathe out tension."


      2. Think of a word or phrase that helps you relax.

      "You might think 'relax' and find that you automatically relax and feel clearheaded.

      You might think 'it's OK' ...."


      3. Think of a "happy place."

      "A happy place doesn't have to be a place and it doesn't have to be something you have experienced in real life.

      A happy place can be a place you have been that was relaxing, enjoyable, or empowering,

      a scene from a movie,

      a happy memory,

      a song,

      or an imaginary situation or place."


      4. An item that has relaxing feelings attached to it.

      "For some people water has relaxing, calming associations." . . .


      "You may have received a gift from a loved one

      and that gift may have an automatic relaxing, calming, or empowering

      impact when you think about, see, or feel the touch of that item." . . .


      You may have another item that has relaxing, calming, and empowering associations for you.

      You can use the sight, feel, or thought of the item

      to bring to you automatic relaxation, clearheadedness, and empowerment."


      5. The touch of putting your thumb and finger together.

      "Putting your thumb and finger together to create an anchor point for feeling relaxed, calm, and clear-headed. . ."


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      Try this script for 14 days.

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