Break Free from Alcohol Hypnosis Download (mp3)

Product Description


Stop the fight between your conscious goals and your subconscious wants. Get your subconscious on board with quitting drinking.

This hypnosis download offers help for recovering alcoholics and anyone who wants to stop drinking.

Break Free from Alcohol hypnosis recording can also support any of your other sobriety efforts.

This recording can be used any time you have about 35 minutes to relax or as you are preparing for sleep. (It works even if you are sleeping while "listening" to the recording.)

As an extra bonus: Listening to this recording before sleep usually helps people get to sleep and helps them have a more refreshing sound sleep.


Break Free of Alcohol Hypnosis can help you:

  • quit drinking
  • extinguish pangs of desire for alcohol
  • deal with emotions without drinking
  • overcome subconscious roadblocks to success
  • make healthy lifestyle choices

    Here are small excerpts from the Break Free from Alcohol Hypnosis downloadable recording: 


    "You know that alcohol has impacted your life in many negative ways.

    You know that there are many benefits to being free of the alcohol habit.

    Being alcohol free benefits your body, mind, and spirit.

    It benefits your relationships and your life.

    Living healthy is enjoyable, energizing, and empowering.

    It is becoming more and more automatic for you to be alcohol free.

    You are eliminating the alcohol habit, for good."


    "You can let go of old drinking habits that don’t serve you well.

    You can easily develop, and adapt to, habits that help your body and mind

    achieve and maintain health.

    You recognize that no one else is responsible for your choices.

    You are responsible for your choices.

    You recognize that your body has its own unique metabolism and needs.

    You know that it is OK for you to make beverage choices that are different from your friends and family.

    Others may want, or be able to, drink types and amounts of beverages that are not good for you.

    They may choose to be unhealthy or they may be affected differently by alcohol.

    It doesn’t matter what others choose.

    You can make choices that are good for you.

    You make choices that are healthy for you.

    You make choices based on what you need to reach and maintain a healthy body and life."


    "Any draw to alcohol is being eliminated.

    Any desire for alcohol is being weakened,




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