Communication Book Bundle (print)

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The Communication Book Bundle covers all 3 communication skills and gives you the added bonus of learning how to understand emotions.

(NOTE: This bundle is for print versions of these mini books. For pdf eBook versions, click through each book's title below.)

The Communication Book Bundle includes:

Demystifying Emotions

A quick look at Deymystifying Emotions ($3.99 value)


Talking with Tact


A quick look at Talking With Tact ($3.99 value)



Listening that Works


A quick look at Listening That Works($3.99 value)



quick look at Consultation

A quick look at Consultation, aka Problem Solving and Decision Making ($3.99 value)

Total Value: $15.96

Bundle Price: $11.95

You save $4.00. (That's a whopping 25% savings!)


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