Anxiety Relief


Anxiety can suck the life out of life.
If you are experiencing anxiety, you aren't alone.
It seems like there is an anxiety epidemic. 


One of my many specialties as a counselor and hypnotherapist is anxiety. I've helped tons of people overcome all sorts of levels of anxiety—from everyday types of stress to "I can't leave my house" anxiety.

I have a unique perspective and insights into anxiety because of the work I have done with clients, and also because of my own experiences overcoming fear, anxiety, and even panic.

The anti-anxiety products I offer have been created through my work with clients just like you. 

They can supplement any work you do with a therapist or other self-help sources. 


Addressing both the Conscious and subconscious

I have found that using a combination of conscious skill building about emotions in general and anxiety specifically, along with dealing with the subconscious aspects of anxiety through hypnosis, is incredibly powerful for anxiety relief. 

My products cover both parts of the conscious/subconscious Dynamic Duo.


Stand-alone or together

Each of my products is designed to stand alone or be used in combination.

Scroll down to check out my anti-anxiety and stress-relieving products.


Note to therapists and helping professionals

My booklets about emotions and anxiety contain the information I use in sessions to help clients. You can purchase these for your own education or suggest your clients buy them to supplement your work together. 

Emotional Intelligence Booster card set is great for using in session to boost client understanding about emotions: how to label them, process their meaning, and use them constructively in their life. 

If you do hypnosis or guided meditation with your clients, my hypnosis scripts and recordings will be a great addition to your resources. 

(Email me about bulk pricing if you would like to make my products available for resale in your office.) 

Anxiety Relief

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Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle
Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle

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Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle

Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle


When I am working with clients for anxiety treatment, I start with helping them understand emotions in general before moving into explaining anxiety specifically and then teaching them relaxation skills. When you understand emotions, it is the first step in helping you understand and deal better with anxiety. This bundle of products lets you ge...

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