Help Building Emotional Intelligence


Emotions are tools that let us know what is going on between us and the world.

But, most people find them confusing and overwhelming.

I've found ways to explain emotions that take out the mystery. I make them more concrete, understandable and usable. 

Through decades of working with clients, I've created products that help you:

  • label your emotions and gather the information they have to offer,

  • understand overreactions,

  • manage anger, 

  • build Emotional Intelligence (EI),

  • let go of emotional burdens,

  • deal with emotional discomfort (including anxiety and stress),

  • and increase the skill of joy,

  • and much more.

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    Help Building Emotional Intelligence

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    Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle
    Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle

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    Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle

    Anti-Anxiety EI Bundle


    When I am working with clients for anxiety treatment, I start with helping them understand emotions in general before moving into explaining anxiety specifically and then teaching them relaxation skills. When you understand emotions, it is the first step in helping you understand and deal better with anxiety. This bundle of products lets you ge...

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