Help Building Emotional Intelligence


Emotions are tools that let us know what is going on between us and the world.

But, most people find them confusing and overwhelming.

I've found ways to explain emotions that take out the mystery. I make them more concrete, understandable and usable. 

Through decades of working with clients, I've created products that help you:

  • label your emotions and gather the information they have to offer,

  • understand overreactions,

  • manage anger, 

  • build Emotional Intelligence (EI),

  • let go of emotional burdens,

  • deal with emotional discomfort (including anxiety and stress),

  • and increase the skill of joy,

  • and much more.

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    Help Building Emotional Intelligence

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    a quick look at Talking With Tact (PDF)

    a quick look at Talking With Tact


    Talking with Tact is about what you say and how you say it. A quick look at Talking with Tact will help you get clearer about what your thoughts and feelings are and how to deliver them in a way that increases your chances of other people considering what you have to say. Tact involves expressing your thoughts and feelings (to others and even to...

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    Emotional Intelligence Bundle
    Emotional Intelligence Bundle

    Bundle and save

    $21.97 $25.97
    Emotional Intelligence Bundle

    Emotional Intelligence Bundle


    Increase your Emotional Intelligence with this bundle of products and save. Use the books to give you fast easy-to-digest info about emotions and how to express them with tact (to yourself and others). Use the Emotional Intelligence Booster cards to up your game and practice labeling emotions so that you can process your past and be better and b...

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