a quick look at Consultation aka Problem Solving, Decision Making

Product Description

This easy-to-learn method of consultation works for challenges large and small.

Consultation is the communication skill for making decisions, solving problems,  resolving conflicts, and making plans in a way that everyone feels heard and you come up with creative solutions that are suited to the people involved.

You can consult with yourself to work through the decision about something or examine your options. Consultation can also be used by couples, families, and groups.

(Print version is 24 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", full color, glossy.)


A quick look at Consultation includes:

  • Skills you can use with your family and friends, at work, even making decisions on your own
  • 3+ steps (it's 4 steps but the 4th one is so crucial to the process that I like to call it the "+" step) for decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution
  • How to get buy-in for decisions
  • A process for finding creative solutions for each unique situation and combination of people
  • How to plan for success
  • The importance of reassessing decisions

    One couple’s story:

    A man was frustrated by the thought of consulting with his wife on a regular basis, while his wife was equally frustrated at not being included in the decision making.

    They had been working on a major project together for many months and had many more months to go.

    When they learned the 3+ Consultation steps, the husband initially said, “There usually isn’t time for consultation. I just have to make a decision quickly myself and do it.”

    A week later, he announced with great enthusiasm, “This is fantastic! We consult for five minutes about something and it makes the whole day go better. Instead of churning all day, we’re on the same page. And I’m using it at work too!”


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