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10 Ways Exercise Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

10 Ways Exercise Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety 0


Research has shown that physical activity can be used as a natural remedy for anxiety and also help protect against getting anxiety by improving your stress resilience. 

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Is Caffeine Amping up Your Anxiety?

Is Caffeine Amping up Your Anxiety? 0

Caffeine is a stimulant. For many people, eating or drinking caffeine when they are anxious, or have a tendency to get anxious, is like throwing oil on fire. It can make the stress and anxiety much worse, much bigger.

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Try is not a 4-letter word: Anti-Anxiety Tip #3

Try is not a 4-letter word: Anti-Anxiety Tip #3 0

I get it that many people say that try is a bad thing—that you shouldn’t say you will try to do something. I hate that advice!

I’ve had many anxiety clients who have had it drilled into them by their parents or others with a mantra of “Don’t say you’ll try!”

I see this anti-trying ideology as illogical and damaging. It destroys self-confidence.

A side effect of the trying-is-bad philosophy is that many people who adopt it are riddled with anxiety that stifles them from trying to achieve, trying new things, trying things that haven’t resulted in declared successes in the past . . .. And if they do try, they are drained by anxiety that accompanies the trying.

Trying is a good thing

April Anxiety Tip#1: Stress Happens

April Anxiety Tip#1: Stress Happens 0

Ironies of ironies. On the morning I planned to publish my first post in my “April Anxiety Challenge” my suddenly non-responsive computer gave me anxiety.

The good news is I got a chance to practice what I preach. My anti-anxiety skills helped me calm down, clear my head, and find a solution.

Stress happens. It happens every day in ways small and large.

There are going to be problems arise throughout each day. The question isn’t whether there will be problems. The question is: how will you respond to the problems?

How Does Hypnosis Work?

How Does Hypnosis Work? 0

Hypnosis won’t make you cluck like a chicken or jump up when a bell rings . . . unless you want it to.

These sorts of stage hypnosis antics have the unfortunate side effect of making people worry that if they get hypnotized they will do weird things they don’t want to do. The reality is people don’t come away from hypnosis doing anything that they don’t want to do.

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