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Journal Prompts to Help You Practice the Attitude of Gratitude

Journal Prompts to Help You Practice the Attitude of Gratitude 0

Having a regular practice of gratitude can increase your happiness. Studies show that taking the time to notice what you are grateful for benefits both mental and physical health.

Studies also show that the impact of keeping a general gratitude journal diminishes after several weeks. I think it's because it becomes repetitive if you don't have some prompts to help you focus on different things you are grateful for. So -- I created journal prompts to help stimulate your thoughts about what you are grateful for and help you mix it up so you can keep the positive benefits coming.

This article includes:

  • a definition of gratitude from happiness researchers
  • the benefits of gratitude
  • gratitude prompts to keep your journalling fresh and inspired
Brene Brown Vulnerability Definition and Quotes

Brene Brown Vulnerability Definition and Quotes 0

Brené Brown is a world-famous social work research professor who has spent decades studying and teaching about courage, vulnerability, and shame. Her TED talk, Power of Vulnerability, is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world with over 35 million views

Click through for Brené Brown's definition of vulnerability and 10 of her inspiring thought-provoking quotes.

Therapeutic Photography

Therapeutic Photography 0

Taking pics, processing them, and posting them on social media might be more therapeutic than you realize. 

I recently discovered the concept of Therapeutic Photography: the use of photography by an individual or group to improve mental health. I think that you don't have to necessarily set out to use photography as therapy to have the therapeutic benefits, but becoming more aware of how it can help your mind and mood might boost the benefits.

Therapeutic Benefits of Photography

There is a long list of potential mental health gains from taking pics, processing them, and discussing them.

Therapeutic photography can provide opportunities to:

How to Forgive Yourself Quotes and Tips

How to Forgive Yourself Quotes and Tips 2

Healthy forgiveness involves accessing mistakes and releasing resentment for those mistakes. It’s not only important to be able to forgive other people. It’s also important to be able to forgive yourself too. 

Shame, guilt, and regret are emotions that are meant to make us notice when something we did hurt our self or others. Once you’ve paid attention to that message and made adjustments accordingly, it does not serve you or anyone else for you to wallow in the shame, guilt or regret.

Click Read More for inspiring quotes and 3 Steps for Self Forgiveness. 

8 Life Tips for How to be a Happier Person

8 Life Tips for How to be a Happier Person 0

Joy and happiness are more skill than circumstance. Here are 8 easy-to-use strategies to boost the positive feelings you get from everyday events and become a happier person. Four of them are in the "what to do" category and four are "what not to do". 
How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

How to Stop Negative Self-Talk 0

You can be your own worst enemy. Negative critical messages you say to yourself can rev up your stress, hold you back, and take you down!

When I was devouring self-help books in my 30’s, one of the books I read was “Mind Traps.” It’s a huge book but the basic concept is simple: What you say to yourself is important. You don’t have to keep repeating the negative messages.

The book spurred me on to notice what I was saying to myself.

Read on for:

  • examples of negative self-talk
  • 3 Steps for How to Stop Negative Self-talk, and
  • a negative self-talk extinguishing exercise