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Be Thankful Poem

Be Thankful Poem 0

Research has shown that gratitude increases happiness and helps your stress resilience. This poem by an anonymous author is about seeing the benefits of challenges in your life. It's about finding the silver lining in challenges.

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20 Best Positive Quotes About Change

20 Best Positive Quotes About Change 0

Change is scary for many people. But change is inevitable. Change happens.

Learning to get comfortable with change makes life a lot easier. It relieves stress and reduces anxiety.

Embracing change opens doors of opportunity as it makes you able to choose to change.

Here are some positive quotes about change (and a poem about change that I wrote when I was working on my Counseling Master's Degree) to uplift, inspire, and encourage you.  

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  • Change is Scary Quotes
  • Don't Let Fear Hold You Back from Change Quotes
  • Embrace Change Quotes
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  • Benefits of Change Quotes
  • My Poem About Change: "Change Is"
20 Best Famous Dr Seuss Quotes with Graphics

20 Best Famous Dr Seuss Quotes with Graphics 0

I loved reading Dr. Seuss books to my kids. The way he presented simple uplifting ideas with rhythm and rhyme made them so much fun. Now, I find that I am inspired and energized by many of those same sentences and also by other quotes from the author. Here's my collection of the 20 best famous Dr. Seuss quotes. 
Journal Prompts to Help You Practice the Attitude of Gratitude

Journal Prompts to Help You Practice the Attitude of Gratitude 0

Having a regular practice of gratitude can increase your happiness. Studies show that taking the time to notice what you are grateful for benefits both mental and physical health.

Studies also show that the impact of keeping a general gratitude journal diminishes after several weeks. I think it's because it becomes repetitive if you don't have some prompts to help you focus on different things you are grateful for. So -- I created journal prompts to help stimulate your thoughts about what you are grateful for and help you mix it up so you can keep the positive benefits coming.

This article includes:

  • a definition of gratitude from happiness researchers
  • the benefits of gratitude
  • gratitude prompts to keep your journalling fresh and inspired
Brene Brown Vulnerability Definition and Quotes

Brene Brown Vulnerability Definition and Quotes 1

Brené Brown is a world-famous social work research professor who has spent decades studying and teaching about courage, vulnerability, and shame. Her TED talk, Power of Vulnerability, is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world with over 35 million views

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Therapeutic Photography

Therapeutic Photography 0

Taking pics, processing them, and posting them on social media might be more therapeutic than you realize. 

I recently discovered the concept of Therapeutic Photography: the use of photography by an individual or group to improve mental health. I think that you don't have to necessarily set out to use photography as therapy to have the therapeutic benefits, but becoming more aware of how it can help your mind and mood might boost the benefits.

Therapeutic Benefits of Photography

There is a long list of potential mental health gains from taking pics, processing them, and discussing them.

Therapeutic photography can provide opportunities to: