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20 Best Positive Quotes About Change

20 Best Positive Quotes About Change 0

Change is scary for many people. But change is inevitable. Change happens.

Learning to get comfortable with change makes life a lot easier. It relieves stress and reduces anxiety.

Embracing change opens doors of opportunity as it makes you able to choose to change.

Here are some positive quotes about change (and a poem about change that I wrote when I was working on my Counseling Master's Degree) to uplift, inspire, and encourage you.  

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20 Best Famous Dr Seuss Quotes with Graphics

20 Best Famous Dr Seuss Quotes with Graphics 0

I loved reading Dr. Seuss books to my kids. The way he presented simple uplifting ideas with rhythm and rhyme made them so much fun. Now, I find that I am inspired and energized by many of those same sentences and also by other quotes from the author. Here's my collection of the 20 best famous Dr. Seuss quotes. 
What are Fractal Patterns and How Can They Calm You

What are Fractal Patterns and How Can They Calm You 0

Chances are that you've been drawn to fractals but don't know it. Fractals are repeating patterns that recur on smaller and smaller scales. These patterns are found in nature (shells, flowers, the rings of an onion), architecture, and art. 

Research shows that looking at these patterns has a calming effect. The effect can be quite profound and immediate.  

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How Weighted Blankets Work for Anxiety and Sleep

How Weighted Blankets Work for Anxiety and Sleep 2

If you are troubled by anxiety or have difficulty sleeping, a weighted blanket (AKA gravity blanket) may help. In this post, I'll explain what weighted blankets are, how they work, their benefits for children and adults, and what to look for when you are "weighing" your options (pun intended) to buy one. 

I've been noticing the idea of weighted blankets potentially helping people for a while, but a recent glowing testimonial from one of my anxiety clients who received a weighted blanket as a gift has put them on my list of go-to natural remedies for anxiety.

My client's experience has been that he goes to sleep more easily, stays asleep longer, and has less anxiety. That's a win/win/win that is negative side-effect free. 

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Best and Worst Weighted Blankets Reviews

Best and Worst Weighted Blankets Reviews 4

I recently spent days researching weighted blankets so that I could make specific recommendations to my clients suffering from anxiety and/or insomnia. 

While researching weighted blankets, I found that there are so many to choose from and so many characteristics to consider that digesting the overwhelming number of options seems like a lot to ask of an already anxious person. I found the number of options so difficult to sort through myself that I created a spreadsheet to track the brands and their attributes. Amazon alone has over 40 brands of weighted blankets. (That's not different versions of weighted blankets. That's different manufacturers. If you multiply it by the number of versions each has, you're in the hundreds.)

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Brene Brown Vulnerability Definition and Quotes

Brene Brown Vulnerability Definition and Quotes 1

Brené Brown is a world-famous social work research professor who has spent decades studying and teaching about courage, vulnerability, and shame. Her TED talk, Power of Vulnerability, is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world with over 35 million views

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