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Why do men abuse women?

Why do men abuse women? 0

Why do men verbally, physically, emotionally, financially, psychologically, sexually . . . abuse women who are their partners?

The overarching conscious or subconscious goals of partner abuse are to demean, control, or punish; but why does a particular man treat his partner that way?

Some people think that there is only one reason why a man abuses a woman. They blame it 100% on patriarchy. They think it is always and only about male privilege. But I think that there are many reasons why a particular man might abuse his wife or girlfriend. And I think that patriarchy has less and less to do with it. 

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71 Answers to the Question: Why do Men Abuse Women?

What is Gaslighting Emotional Abuse?

What is Gaslighting Emotional Abuse? 0

Gaslighting is a crazy-making form of emotional abuse.

Gaslighting occurs when someone intentionally twists your perception of reality for their own gain.

That gain may be to:

  • win a fight,
  • cover-up their actions,
  • make you think something is true when it is not, or
  • think something is false when it is true, or
  • undermine your trust in yourself.  

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7 Forms of Partner Abuse

7 Forms of Partner Abuse 0

We most often think about physically violent acts when we think about partner abuse, but there are many methods of choice for controlling, demeaning, and punishing partners.

Partner abuse takes on many forms. 

7 forms of partner abuse are listed and the question "What is partner abuse?" is answered.

How to make a safety plan if she is violent

How to make a safety plan if she is violent 0

Domestic Violence against men is real. If your wife or girlfriend is angry and abusive, take it seriously. Just because you are a guy doesn't mean she can't hurt you. Make a safety plan.

If you are the friend or relative of a man in danger, pass on this information to him and help him make a plan to keep himself and his children safe.

(Note: I have included this Safety Plan and more in a FREE ebook. I'll tell you more about it later in this post.)  

                              12 Ways Partners Lie

                              12 Ways Partners Lie 0

                              How can you tell if someone is lying? Even worse, how can you tell if someone you love is lying to you? First: learn that there is more than one way to lie. 

                              “Everyone has a right to their own opinion,

                              but not to their own facts.”

                              —Ricky Gervais

                              Abusive partners often lie or use any of a dozen methods of distorting the truth to meet their self-centered objectives.

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