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Use Hypnosis or Guided Meditation for stress relief

Use Hypnosis or Guided Meditation for stress relief 0

Hypnosis and guided mediation are extremely well suited to help with stress and anxiety because they are based on helping you relax. They are an anti-anxiety pill without the pill (and without the side effects).

I have had tremendous results using hypnosis to help people with various levels of stress and anxiety – from mild stress to anxiety that’s so debilitating that they can’t pass an exam that they have the knowledge to pass, or take a flight, or go into a store.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

How Does Hypnosis Work? 0

Hypnosis won’t make you cluck like a chicken or jump up when a bell rings . . . unless you want it to.

These sorts of stage hypnosis antics have the unfortunate side effect of making people worry that if they get hypnotized they will do weird things they don’t want to do. The reality is people don’t come away from hypnosis doing anything that they don’t want to do.

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