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Signs of a Verbally Abusive Wife or Girlfriend

Signs of a Verbally Abusive Wife or Girlfriend 0

Verbal abuse ranges from rageful to passive aggressive to silent. It can be in-your-face bullying or performed in a more backdoor subversive way. Verbally abusive women can achieve their goal to demean, control, or punish loudly or quietly.

Verbal abuse might more properly be called communication abuse. It isn’t just words that are the mechanism for abuse. Tone and body language can also be abusive tools.

Verbal abuse instruments cover a broad range:

How women legally abuse men

How women legally abuse men 0

A woman’s use of the legal or judicial system to control, demean, or punish her partner or ex-partner is legal abuse.

In these cases, police officers, lawyers, judges, domestic violence advocates, and the justice system itself become her accomplices. Unfortunately, such individuals and systems cooperate with women’s abuses far too often. (I’m not saying that they are always skewed in favor of women, just that it is happening a lot.)

An abusive woman might falsify information in order to manipulate the legal system so that she can: