Gender-Inclusive Partner Abuse Books

Gender-Inclusive Partner Abuse Books


Partner abuse happens in all couple gender configurations, straight and LGBTQ. Most resources focus on male-to-female domestic violence. That's important work and education, but we need to broaden discussion and increase awareness beyond that narrow view.

We need to offer help and support suited to anyone experiencing partner abuse.


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What is Partner Abuse?
7 Forms of Partner Abuse
Partner Abuse Books


What is Partner Abuse?

Partner abuse is bullying within a romantic relationship. It is a pattern of controlling, demeaning, and/or punishing behaviors and attitudes with a dating, cohabiting, or marriage partner, during or after the relationship. At its core, partner abuse is driven by self-centered motivations.

In some cases, the abuse is instigated by one person predominantly or exclusively while in other cases abuse is mutual.

Some abusive behaviors—such as isolating the target of abuse from friends and family—can happen in any couple configuration.

Some abusive behaviors—such as a woman purposefully getting pregnant to trap a man, or someone threatening to out their closeted LGBTQ partner—are available specifically because of the particular genders, gender identities, or sexual orientation of the target of the abuse and the source of the abuse.


7 Forms of Partner Abuse

Physical domestic violence is one form of partner abuse, but there are 6 other ways that people control, demean, and punish their partners. 

My books cover all 7 forms of partner abuse:  

  1. verbal
  2. sexual
  3. financial
  4. physical
  5. spiritual
  6. legal
  7. emotional/psychological

domestic violence, emotional, verbal, sexual, physical, spiritual, financial, legal partner abuse


Partner Abuse Books

As a counselor and relationship coach, I've been frustrated by the number of domestic violence and partner abuse resources that give lip service to the idea that men can be abused or that it can happen in same-sex couples, but then proceed to give all examples that are heterosexual men abusing their wives and girlfriends.    

I've written several books to help fill the partner abuse resource gap.

Two of the books are part of the "A quick look at" series: short, fast, easy-to-grasp and put-into-action.

One of quick books is a general view of all forms and configurations of partner abuse. The other quick book is specific to the abuse of men by women

I've also written a full-sized comprehensive book about relationships where  men are being abused by their wives and girlfriends.


A quick look at Partner Abuse: A Concise Overview of Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse, and the 5 Other Forms of Partner Abuse in Straight and LGBTQ Relationships


A quick look at Abuse OF Men BY Women: A Concise Overview of Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse, and the 5 Other Forms of Female on Male Spousal Abuse


Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It


Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It


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