Simple Helpful Journal and Planner Accessories

Simple Helpful Journal and Planner Accessories


There are many journal accessories (like repositionable tabs, DIY ribbon page bookmarks, no-bleed markers . . .) that can add ease, efficiency, and enjoyment to the use of journals and planners. I purchased and tested several of these items to review them for you and let you know what works and doesn't work. 

Repositionable tabs turned out to be as-advertised and very useful. DIY ribbon bookmarks are supper easy to make. But some of the so called no-bleed markers were too-much-bleed for me. 


Repositionable Tabs

These tabs come in different sizes depending on your personal preference. Add them to the edge of pages to mark different sections in your journals or planners. They are inexpensive, can be written on, and are repositionable and reusable. 

Avery Large Tabs

Avery Ultra Tabs, 2.5" x 1", 2-Side Writable

$3.49 for 24

post it tabs for journals and planners

Post-it Tabs with Dispenser

$7.65 for 88




Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are a great choice for no-bleed coloring in journals and planners. 

After sorting through reviews on Amazon, I tried two brands: Amazon Basic and Prisma

Prisma colored pencils are a premier brand so may not be the cheapest option, but I've also noticed Amazon running sales at times that make them closer in price to more inexpensive brands. I gave them a test drive. I enjoyed using them--but not as much as the Amazon Basic pencils. You can purchase them on their own or in sets with sharpeners, etc.

I tried the Amazon Basics colored pencils after the Prisma pencils. Color me surprised! I actually like the Amazon pencils better! They seem softer than the Prisma pencils. It seems like the color goes on smoother. The testing of these two brands showed me that I prefer the feel of coloring with the softer pencils.


Prisma Colored Pencils for Journals, Coloring Books Prismacolor Colored Pencils 
Prisma Colored Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener Prismacolor Colored Pencils 48 Pack, Pencil Sharpener, and Eraser 

Amazon Basic colored pencils

Amazon Basics Colored Pencils



No-Bleed Markers

It can be fun to add a little color to your journal and planner pages with markers but you don't want the color to bleed through and ruin the next page.

Highlighters can serve the purpose but even some of these leave too much color and bleed through. 

I tried 3 brands with mixed results. 

Sharpie highlighters were promising but some of the colors bled through.

Dual Markers Brush Pens by Sutoroo that claim to be no-bleed have a brush tip and a fine point on each marker. The fine point lived up to the no-bleed promise but the brush tip tended to supply too much ink and was too difficult to use lightly.

Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter Set is a winner. It has a broad point end and a fine point end for each highlighter. It provides a nice amount of color and if you use a light touch (which is pretty easy to do with this brand) it doesn't bleed through. It comes in different pack sizes so you can decide how many colors you want and how much you want to spend. 


Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter Set, Broad and Fine Point Tips, Assorted Ink Colors, 25 Pack

Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter Set, Broad and Fine Point Tips

$12 - $30 depending on number of markers in set



DIY Ribbon Bookmarks


DIY journal diary planner book ribbon


I've been adding ribbon bookmarks in my planners and journals for years. There are some DIY videos out there for gluing ribbons into the spine of hardcover books, but I have found that they stay put by simply tapping them inside the back cover on the last page. 


1) Make a diagonal cut to a piece of ribbon that is about 6" longer the the length of your book. (Long enough to hang out the bottom of your book by about 3" and a few inches for insertion on the back page.)

2) The diagonal cut will help the ribbon not fray, but you can add additional assurance by lightly melting the cut end. Bring the end close to a candle flame -- barely touching it as you quickly swipe back and forth for a few seconds. When the end is melted you'll see a slight bead form on the cut edge and a slight darkening in color.


ribbon for journal diary planner book mark

3) Tape the non-diagonally cut end inside the back cover on the last page of the book.

Place the ribbon satin-side up on the last page inside the back cover.

Use one piece of tape along the length of the ribbon and place another piece of tape across the top. 





That's it. You're done!


Silver Lining Journals and Workbooks 

I've created a series of journals and workbooks to help make your life better. 


Learn, Let Go, Lighten Up: Silver Lining Emotional Detox Journal & Workbook


Increasing My Happiness Quotient: Silver Lining Joy Journal & Workbook





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