April Anxiety Challenge

April Anxiety Challenge

Anxiety can suck the life out of life. It seems to me that we are experiencing an anxiety epidemic. You probably see it (and maybe feel it) too.

One of my many specialties as a counselor and hypnotherapist is anxiety. I've helped tons of people overcome all sorts of levels of anxiety—from everyday types of stress to "I can't leave my house" anxiety.

I have a unique perspective and insights into anxiety because of the work I have done with clients, and also because of my own experiences overcoming fear, anxiety, and even panic.

To help people understand what is happening to them and make their life better, I've challenged myself to what I'm calling the "April Anxiety Challenge."

Every week day in April, I plan to publish a blog post about anxiety. I'll write most of the posts myself, and I've also lined up some guest bloggers.

I decided to avoid the whole April Fool’s day thing though—so I’m starting to publish the posts on Monday April 4th.

That gives me 20 days to give you 20 Anti-Anxiety Tips.

I'll be covering:

  • anxiety-related information,
  • lifestyle changes to reduce anxiety,
  • anxiety relieving skills and tools,
  • ways to challenge thoughts that ramp up anxiety,
  • a new look at some old learning that may be keeping you stuck and anxious,
  • and more.

I'll be including practical information and exercises for you to practice what you're learning.

Planned topics include:

  • How to Stretch Your Comfort Zone
  • 5 Anti-Anxiety Relaxation Skills
  • The Dichotomous Thinking Right/Wrong Trap
  • Try is Not a 4-Letter Word
  • Vitamin D, The Anti-Anxiety Vitamin
  • The Link Between Alcohol and Anxiety

I hope my articles will give you lots of concrete usable tools and information to help make your life more fun and fulfilling.


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  • Ann Silvers
Comments 3
  • Ann Silvers
    Ann Silvers

    Responding to Teresa. Yes, you may use the image. Thanks for asking. -Ann

  • Teresa Haste
    Teresa Haste

    Hi Ann,
    Excellent stuff

    Could I use your image (above) for my anxiety management training- I will credit you for it.
    Do let me know,
    Thank you, Teresa

  • Teresa Haste
    Teresa Haste

    Hi Ann,

    Excellent stuff-

    Can you let me know if it would be possible to use your image (above) for my anxiety management training-
    I will credit you for it.
    Do let me know, Thank you, Teresa

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