Baby Traps: Fake Positive Pregnancy and Paternity DNA Tests

Baby Traps: Fake Positive Pregnancy and Paternity DNA Tests


A woman who wants to baby trap a man doesn't necessarily have to be pregnant to achieve her goal. Many fake pregnancy and paternity products are available to help her create a convincing con.

Pregnancy tests rigged to always turn out positive can be easily purchased online. And that’s just the beginning of the falsifying fatherhood industry.

Many of the products are sold on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. And there are businesses whose entire product lines are devoted to faking pregnancy. One of these businesses has a banner across their website homepage: "How can I get his attention? We can help!"

NOTE: Throughout this post I mention online sources of products. I am not including direct links because I don't want to promote the use of the products. 


What's In This Post

 Why Would a Woman Fake, Fabricate or Simulate a Pregnancy?
 Setting a Baby Trap
 Working the Unpregnant Baby Trap Con
 False or Phantom Pregnancy is Something Different 
 False Positive Pregnancy Tests Are Different from Fake Tests
 The Fake Pregnancy and Paternity Industry
 Pregnancy "Prank" and Paternity "Prank"
    1. Fake positive at-home pregnancy tests
    2. Altered-to-be-positive real pregnancy test kits
    3. Solutions that turn pregnancy tests positive
    4. Falsified pregnancy medical documents
    5. Fake personalized ultrasounds
    6. Fake DNA paternity test results
 Men: How to Protect Yourself from this Baby Trap
 More Help for Abused Men


 Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It


Why Would a Woman Fake, Fabricate or Simulate a Pregnancy?

This post describes products that help a woman fake a pregnancy for devious purposes. Other terms for this con include fabricated pregnancy, faux pregnancy, and simulated pregnancy.

The most likely purpose is to baby trap a man, but a woman can also fake pregnancy to get out of work or get attention from someone other than their partner.  


Setting a Baby Trap

Setting a Baby Trap


Pregnancy is a method of choice for some women who aim to trap a man. (For more on accidental-on-purpose pregnancies, check out another of my posts: 8 Red Flags the Pregnancy is a Trap.)

Some women don’t let not actually being pregnant get in the way of them landing their prey. They just make him think he’s going to be a father. They fake it until they make it. They fake a pregnancy or paternity test to trap their man or his money.

Trapping a man with a pregnancy and other forms of taking his reproductive rights away is partner sexual abuse. 


I get it that sometimes there are accidental pregnancies. Most girlfriends and wives that say they are pregnant are pregnant. But clearly, there is a big market for women who want to fake it. Those are the ones I’m trying to help men avoid being trapped by.


Working the Unpregnant Baby Trap Con

When a woman is not pregnant but wants to convince someone she is, she will likely match falsified proof of pregnancy with faked pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, tiredness, irritability, and claimed sore breasts. She may also time the con with a late period. 

One online source tells their readers to plant the seed that an unplanned pregnancy may have happened (and feign "woe is me" or some other pretend sentiment that would provide a hook) so that when they present a fake positive pregnancy test the target of their manipulation will be more easily sold on the idea.


False or Phantom Pregnancy is Something Different 

In this post, I'm talking about intentional deceit. I'm talking about women who deliberately fake pregnancy and paternity.

Fake pregnancy is different from a medical condition known as pseudocyesisfalse pregnancy, or phantom pregnancy which happens when a woman's mind twists to make her believe she is pregnant even though she is not.   

A woman experiencing a phantom pregnancy can show physical signs like morning sickness. She would not engage in using the products that I'll describe in this post. 


False Positive Pregnancy Test Results Are Different from Faking Positive Results

Home pregnancy test kits aren't 100% accurate. They are close though: about 99% accurate when used according to instructions. So around 1 time in 100 they may give a false positive or false negative result.

A false-positive pregnancy test result is different from a fake-positive test that has been manipulated to produce an untrue result. 

Falsified could be another term for fake. Falsified pregnancy test results would be equivalent to fake pregnancy tests. 

What I'm talking about throughout this post is the manipulated, falsified, fake positive tests.


The Fake Pregnancy and Paternity Industry


 Fake pregnancy and paternity industry


I had heard of women selling positive pregnancy tests online on sites like Craig's List many years ago. To investigate this for a blog post I wrote about the red flags that a pregnancy is a baby trap, I googled "fake positive pregnancy tests".

OMG! What I found was astounding. Fake positive at-home pregnancy tests were just the tip of the iceberg! I found an abundance of readily available products to help women trick a man into believing he is a father-to-be or father.

My original internet research was performed in 2019. I redid my search in 2024. The new search revealed a little good news, but mostly bad news. 

The little good news: Some fake-a-pregnancy products that were available on Amazon in 2019 are now listed there as "Currently unavailable." I take that as a sign that they potentially got banned from the site.

The lot's of bad news: The variety of products and ways to get them seems to have grown. A fake positive pregnancy test can now be purchased on Walmart's site. There are pregnancy-faking products available for sale on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and also on sites solely dedicated to pretend-pregnancy product lines. 


Pregnancy "Prank" and Paternity "Prank"

Many of the fake pregnancy and paternity product descriptions claim they are for “pranks,” but there can be no doubt that the bulk of their customers are not in it for getting a laugh:

  1. It's challenging to imagine a situation in which presenting a fake positive pregnancy or paternity test would be sane fun.

  2. Some of the fake pregnancy products are quite expensive. 

  3. Some of the websites speak directly to being discrete and protective of their customer’s identity—which seems overly clandestine for a “prank,” but very appropriate for a high stakes con.

  4. Some of the product descriptions speak directly to the manipulative intentions a woman might have for faking a pregnancywhile simultaneously calling it "hilarious" and a "prank". Here’s the description of one product on Amazon: 

“It's the home pregnancy test that is always positive! Ladies, now you can find out if you've found Mr. Right with this hilarious prank! Will he stick with you if he thinks things will get complicated? This outrageous prank will have your guy sweating! Or sleep with your married boss and watch him squirm (Maybe you'll get a raise!) The laughs are endless!”

Labeling these despicable products as "pranks" is a cover story to make them appear respectable. 


Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It


Fake At-Home Pregnancy Tests and Other Tools of the Baby Trap Trade

You might be wondering, "How does a woman make a pregnancy test positive on purpose?" There are two primary ways to achieve this goal: purchasing a fake or altered positive pregnancy test or purchasing a solution that will turn a real home test positive. 

Other ways of falsifying a pregnancy include counterfeit medical reports and ultrasounds. 

The baby trap mechanisms don't stop with pregnancy. They include falsifying paternity records. 

Here are the fake pregnancy and paternity products my online search turned up:

  1. Fake positive home pregnancy tests

  2. Altered-to-be-positive real pregnancy test kits 

  3. Solutions that turn pregnancy tests positive

  4. Fake pregnancy medical documents 

  5. Fake personalized ultrasounds

  6. Fake DNA paternity test results


 Fake Pregnancy and Paternity Baby Trap Products Infographic


Another trick some women pull is to use an ovulation or fertility test, which looks similar to a pregnancy test. They just have to apply urine from the time in their menstrual cycle when they are ovulating to produce a positive result. A man who doesn't know what to look for could easily be convinced that they are being shown a pregnancy test. 


1. Fake positive at-home pregnancy tests

Fake home urine pregnancy tests come with a test strip designed to display a positive result when wet.

Readily available fake pregnancy tests range from those that are really cheap and fairly easy to spot--to brands that closely mimic common legitimate home pregnancy test kits. The more sophisticated fakes have boxes and box contents that look like their real counterparts.

One of them says:

"Engineered to turn positive every time. Includes two sealed tests, fake instructions, and a professionally designed package. Absolutely no way for anyone to know the test is a fake.”

I see that some of the fake pregnancy tests that I found on Amazon in 2019 are now listed on the site as unavailable, but others are still there for purchase. When I searched fake pregnancy tests on eBay today, over 50 listings populated the results page. 


Clear Response and other Fake Pregnancy Test Brands

Clear Response Pregnancy Test is the most prevalent fake positive home pregnancy test. It's readily available on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. [Note that 2 popular legitimate home pregnancy tests are ClearBlue and First Response. Clear Response stole from both of those names to create the illusion of being real.]

Besides Clear Response, other brands include Right Time Pregnancy Test, Early Result Pregnancy Test, and Clearbee

2. Altered-to-be-positive real pregnancy test kits

Altered fake pregnancy home tests


A more devious version of fake home pregnancy tests are popular legitimate test kits that have been corrupted to provide a positive result. 

These fake positive real pregnancy test kits are offered in two versions:

  1. One version is classified as “already positive.”
  2. The other version is guaranteed to show positive when moistened: “Just use water, urine, etc and it will turn positive.”

They come in an original box, with original instructions, and the test wand wrapper is made to look authentically intact. One source describes the attention to the details of the con:

“Comes in original foil wrapper with a little cut in the end under the flap.”

One eBay vendor sells false positive ClearBlue or First Response pregnancy test kits for $50. (Sounds like a lot of money to spend on a “prank,” but a small price to pay to trap a man into taking care of you.)

In 2024, I'm not seeing as many sources of these fakes as I found in 2019. 

3. Solutions that turn pregnancy tests positive

One way to get a pregnancy test to turn positive when you aren't pregnant yourself is to use a pregnant women's urine. 

Malicious women who don't have a friend to donate pregnant pee can secure a positive home pregnancy test by purchasing a solution with the requisite hormones. Other less reliable, but easy to access, solutions may also do the job.

What liquid turns a pregnancy test positive?

Pregnancy tests are looking for the presence of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Solutions of HCG can be purchased for the purpose of triggering the positive test result. 

One example is Preg-No! False Positive Pregnancy Solution, available on Amazon and through other sources. Its product description proudly declares that it "Fakes any pregnancy test". It says "prank" the product title, but it costs $30 for 10 ml (which translates to $90/ounce). 

One Preg-No! Amazon review is particular disturbing for the double fake-out that it reveals: 

"This product is amazing it can make any pregnant test positive. I am currently doing a project on faking pregnancy and it's coming out very well. A coworker of mine asked me to pee on a stick for her so she can see what her husband would say. I couldn't because I know my pregnancy was fake. So I ordered this and when it came I was actually was able to pee on the stick for her. So I played it off I told her I don't have to pee right now. So when I ordered this and it came in I had it stored away attached to me. And then she gave me the pregnancy test and I poured three drops on the stick and it came out positive. And she was able to print her husband."

Some women have successfully used sugary juice such as apple juice (which could look like urine in a cup used for dipping the test strip) or soda to stimulate the test strip to turn positive. Expired or near-expired tests may be easier to trick with these solutions. 



4. Falsified pregnancy medical documents

Faking Positive Pregnancy Reports Baby Trap


It is easy for a woman to buy reports that make it look like a lab, doctor, or other medical professional is officially declaring her a mommy-to-be or that a man is a daddy.

Official looking pregnancy scam documentation available online includes a downloadable lab report pdf personalized from answers you provide to a series of questions (name, date of birth, date "specimen" collected, doctor's name, lab address, and the HCG value that is appropriate for the number of weeks pregnant you want it to indicate). 

These falsified documents run from $10 to over $50. 


5. Fake personalized ultrasounds

 Fake Baby Ultrasound Photos and videos 

Fake personalized ultrasound (sonogram) still photos and videos can be purchased easily online. 

These range in price from $10 to over $75. 


6. Fake DNA paternity test results

One website that offers fake DNA lab tests describes their kits this way: 

"This order includes a DNA Collection Kit (cotton swabs and test tubes), a DNA “Match” certificate, and a DNA “Mis-Match” certificate. To execute this joke, collect DNA samples with the cotton swabs as directed by the kit instructions, then pretend to mail the test tube samples to the laboratory (but you can secretly throw all that stuff away). After 7 or more days have passed, pretend you received the DNA results from the lab. Then reveal either the 99.9% Match document or the 99.9% Mis-Match document to your joke victim(s), each of which has both names of the people tested."

Men: How to Protect Yourself from this Baby Trap

Tips to avoid the fake pregnancy baby trap


The only way to be sure about the result of an at-home pregnancy test is to secure the entire chain of custody on the test kit:

  • buy the test kit at the store yourself,
  • never leave it out of your sight,
  • hand it to your partner,
  • watch her pee on the test-wand, and
  • watch the wand while the result is appearing.

Don’t accept pregnancy blood test or paternity test results that are handed to you at face value. (WikiHow has some helpful guidance in their post How to Spot Fake DNA Results: 10 Signs the Report is False. Test Smartly Labs also has a post on how to not be fooled by a fake paternity test.)

Ideally, get your own paternity test. Control how the result is received so that she can’t intercept it and substitute an altered report. 

Go to doctor appointments with your partner to hear for yourself whether a medical professional declares her pregnant. If you ask to go to doctor appointments and your partner makes excuses why you didn’t end up there with her, that’s evidence that she is working a cover-up.

Get away from any woman you catch trying to pass off false test results. Clearly, she is manipulative. She is dangerous to you! (I’m not saying she’s necessarily physically dangerous, but there are other kinds of danger—emotional, psychological, financial. . .).


More Help for Abused Men

I write about all forms of partner abuse where women are the sources of abuse and men are the targets in my book Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, And It's Time to Get Real About It.

Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It


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