Becoming Calm Anxiety Workbook and Journal

Becoming Calm Anxiety Workbook and Journal


I know how bad anxiety feels, and how much it gets in the way of happiness, because I’ve experienced decades of anxiety myself. Before becoming a counselor, I stumbled along trying various ways to deal with my anxiety even though I didn’t know to give it that label. Now, I only rarely have a small pang of anxiety that I can easily manage.

This inside look at anxiety, coupled with what I’ve learned from helping hundreds of counseling clients overcome everything from generalized anxiety to fear of flying to PTSD, has given me unique insight into what anxiety feels like, what helps relieve it, and what helps build stress resilience.

Anxiety, Worry, Panic, Phobia Workbook


Anxiety, Worry, Panic, and Phobia Workbook 

I put what I've learned from personal and professional experiences with anxiety into a new book in the Silver Lining series -- Becoming Calm: Silver Lining Reduce Anxiety and Increase Stress Resilience Workbook and Journal.

Becoming Calm: Silver Lining Reduce Anxiety and Increase Stress Resilience Workbook and Journal

People are telling me that "it's the best thing you've ever done" and "you've really outdone yourself this time" and "I can't put it down, I'm getting so much out of it."

This workbook closely recreates the step-by-step process I take clients through when I have the opportunity to work with them one-on-one:

  • starting with information about emotions in general and anxiety specifically,

  • and moving into skills, techniques, and tips for reducing anxiety and increasing your ability to deal with stress.


 Amazon 5-Star Review: 

"The BEST anti-anxiety workbook!

As someone who struggles with severe anxiety, this workbook was a God send... I’ve had so many “ah-ha” moments while working on this book. It breaks things down for you and gives you tips on how you can help yourself get better. I can’t recommend this workbook enough!!"


Anxiety Information, Worksheets, and Journal Prompts

Becoming Calm's workbook format allows for you to be given small bite-sized pieces of information and then immediate opportunities to use that information in an exercise before moving on to the next piece.

The worksheets in Becoming Calm make information much more digestible than if it were presented in a book with one subject quickly following another.

The journal section includes prompts for processing anxiety-provoking situations as they happen, and work through experiences that have created anxiety for you in the past. 


What's in this Anxiety Workbook and Journal

The first half of Becoming Calm helps you figure out why you feel anxious.

The second half gives you tools to reduce your anxiety and build stress resilience.

Becoming Calm is divided into eight parts:

Part 1. Understanding Emotions

Anxiety is in the fear family of emotions.

The first step toward understanding anxiety is learning more about emotions in general (including overreactions and anger), and fear specifically.

Part 2. Why You Feel What You Feel

The chapters in Part Two walk you through using the “I” message formula to uncover what’s driving your anxiety.

Part 3. Journaling Pages

Parts One and Two provide emotion-processing skills that you can put into action while using these journaling pages that include prompts to guide your writing about times you currently feel anxious or have felt anxious in the past. Begin using these pages while you continue to work on Parts Four through Eight of the workbook.

Part 4. How to Relax & Reset

These 5 relaxation techniques and 5 quick reset grounding techniques can help counter the wound up worn out feeling that accompanies anxiety.

Part 5. Challenging Cognitive Distortions 

Several distorted-thinking mind leaps often contribute to anxious overreactions. Learning what cognitive distortions might be revving you up and how to catch, check, and change them has the potential to greatly reduce your anxiety.

Part 6. Anxiety-Reducing Mindset

These chapters can help shift your mindset away from anxiety-provoking approaches to life and toward anxiety-reducing ways of looking at things.

Part 7. Stress Resilience Lifestyle

Here I cover dietary habits that might be contributing to your anxiety and those that could help you become more stress resilient as well as other anti-anxiety lifestyle tips.

Part 8. Calming Activity Pages

While the anti-anxiety benefits of these activity pages are explained near the end of Part Seven, you don’t have to wait to venture into this section and enjoy the activities: an inspiring story, calming coloring pages, word games, and a maze. Dive into them whenever you like.


 Becoming Calm: Silver Lining Reduce Anxiety and Increase Stress Resilience Workbook and Journal


 Amazon 5-Star Review: 

"Don't overthink! Just buy this book!...

This book is written for the person who wants to understand and reduce/eliminate anxiety in their lives. It is written in a supportive and kind voice. Give yourself a gift: buy and read this book! What have you got to lose? Your anxieties?"

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