Best and Worst Weighted Blankets Reviews

Best and Worst Weighted Blankets Reviews


I spent days researching weighted blankets so that I could make specific recommendations to my clients suffering from anxiety and/or insomnia. 

While researching weighted blankets, I found that there are so many to choose from and so many characteristics to consider that digesting the overwhelming number of options seems like a lot to ask of an already anxious person. I found the number of options so difficult to sort through myself that I created a spreadsheet to track the brands and their attributes. Amazon alone has over 40 brands of weighted blankets. (That's not different versions of weighted blankets. That's different manufacturers. If you multiply it by the number of versions each has, you're in the hundreds.)

I did that original investigation into weighted blanket brands in 2019. I updated my research in the fall of 2020 and again in November 2021. 


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Weighted Blanket Considerations
The Worst Weighted Blankets
Best Weighted Blankets
YnM Weighted Blanket Review
Gravity Blanket Review
Luxome Weighted Blanket Review
Weighted Blankets Made in the US


Note: This post is based on my research. It is not intended to replace personalized advice from your own medical professionals or personal research.

Click here for information about the benefits of weighted blankets, weighted blanket research, and who should avoid using weighted blankets. 


Weighted Blanket Considerations

There are 12 considerations when buying a weighted blanket.

I talk more about the details of each in this blog post: How Weighted Blankets Work for Anxiety and Sleep

What to look for in weighted blankets, Best and Worst Weighted Blanket Reviews


Weighted Blanket Reviews

The Worst Weighted Blankets 

    Unwashable Weighted Blankets

    Most of the weighted blankets I found that were under $100 have what is to me a fatal flaw: they aren't machine washable and also don't come with a duvet cover that would at least protect the blanket somewhat from soiling.

    Some suggest you buy a duvet cover separately, but that would increase the cost and still leave you with an unwashable interior blanket.

    And, if they aren't designed to attach a duvet cover there aren't ties to keep the heavy blanket in place within the duvet cover.

    Some of these blankets advise dry cleaning. To me, that is a deal-breaker because of the expense and also the close exposure for all your sleeping hours to the residual harsh chemicals used in the dry cleaning process.

    Besides the direct impact of not being able to keep a non-washable blanket clean, it seems to me that it reflects the general quality of the blanket and it is likely that these blankets will not hold up well to daily use.


    Best Weighted Blankets

    YnM Weighted Blanket

    This is another blanket that appears to have made improvements since I first reviewed weighted blankets.

    The YnM weighted blanket is a washable weighted blanket with many quality points and a good price point. You can purchase it without a duvet cover, but getting a cover will allow you to wash just the cover most of the time. 

    YnM offers a variety of duvet cover options including bamboo and minky

    YnM Weighted Blanket pros

    • Washable: "HAND WASH. MACHINE WASH. FLAT DRY. TUMBLE DRY LOW. Frequent machine wash may damage the heavy weighted blanket so better use with a duvet cover and wash the duvet instead."

    • glass beads

    • small pocket size (4.7" squares) to hold the glass beads in place

    • cotton blanket

    • good price-point: $38 on sale on Amazon to $70 regular Amazon price for the blanket alone (48" x 72"); Duvet covers are an additional cost of of about $30 to $50; total cost of purchasing a blanket and cover comes in around $70 to $120. 

    • They have over 4 stars rating from 44k reviews on Amazon. 

      YNM Weighted Blanket cons

      • Having 8 duvet cover ties is a minimal number. (Compare to the Luxome weighted blanket listed below which has 12.)

      • There is no mention of a guarantee on their Amazon listings. On their website, they say that you can't return their blanket if it is used. Since weighted blankets aren't enjoyed by everyone, there is value to the satisfaction guarantees offered by other weighted blanket brands listed below. 


      YnM weighted blanket



      Gravity Weighted Blanket Review

      I listed this blanket as a worst weighted blanket on my 2019 review, but it has made major improvements.

      The Gravity Blanket is possibly the most well-known weighted blanket brand because it:

      • is the first company to mass-produce weighted blankets, 

      • began with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, and

      • was on Time magazine's "Best Inventions of 2018" list. 

      But as often happens, the first is not necessarily the best. Gravity lagged way behind while other brands made positive design innovations.

      Gravity has made improvements since I reviewed them in 2019:

      • The price has come down from the whopping $250 it was in 2019. 

      • They didn't have a duvet cover system in 2019, but have one now. 

      • In 2019 they were still using plastic pellets in some versions. They have moved to glass. 

      • They used to be entirely polyester, but now have cotton.


      Gravity Blanket Guarantee

      Gravity Blanket pros

      • glass beads

      • included removable duvet cover (Their Z Blanket attaches with a generous number of button tabs. Their Gen 3 Blanket has a unique zipper system to attach the cover and blanket.) 

      • The Z Blanket version comes in at a good price-point for the quality. 

      Gravity Blanket cons

      • The inner blanket is hand washable only. This is better than blankets that are not washable, but the Luxome blankets listed below are machine washable and dryable at the individual size.

      • Gravity Blanket is not very forthcoming with details such as blanket pocket size. I couldn't find that level of information even on their website. 

      • The Gen 3 Gravity Blanket is about $50 more expensive than the Luxome comparable weighted blanket. (The Gen 3 Gravity Blanket does have the advantage of a zipper system for attaching the duvet cover compared to ties used in the Luxome blanket.)

      Gravity Blanket Options

      The Z Blanket by Gravity Blanket

      Gravity Blanket Z Blanket


      The Z Blanket is Gravity Blanket's less expensive model.

      At $75 (sale price on Amazon) to $99 this blanket is well-priced.

      The blanket comes with a dual-sided washable duvet cover that has one side made of plush fabric, and the other side made of "moisture-wicking duvet cover (similar to athletic wear)."

      Reminder: The inner blanket is hand washable, not machine-washable.


      Gen 3 Gravity Blanket

      Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket weight chart


      This Gravity Blanket model has some premium attributes compared to their Z Blanket.

      This blanket is superior to the Luxome blanket listed below only in one area: it uses zippers to attach the duvet cover.

      However, it is hand washable but not machine washable, the company is not as forthcoming with details such as the size of pockets holding the glass beads in place, and at $195 for 48" x 72" it is considerably more expensive than the Luxome blanket listed below. 




      SAFR Home Therapy Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

      I found this blanket in September 2020 while researching weighted blankets for a second time. It stood out as a combination of quality and relatively low price. Unfortunately, as of November 2021 they are listed as "Currently Unavailable" on Amazon and I can't find them anywhere on the web, so I left this mention of the blanket on this post but I've removed further details about it for now. 



      Luxome Weighted Blanket 

      Luxome is a weighted blanket manufacturer that strove to create a better product by hands-on comparison of other brands and by addressing issues raised by blanket owners.

      They range from $120 to $170 for individual size. This puts the Luxome blankets in the middle of weighted blankets' price range.


      Luxome Weighted Blankets' Guarantee

      • Luxome has a 30-day guarantee: "USA COMPANY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are a midwestern company that LOVES our customers and pride ourselves on values, quality, and service. Try our blankets for up to 30 days and if you aren't satisfied for any reason we'll provide fast, friendly service and a full refund." Note: They are an American company but the don't claim that the blankets are made in the US. I talk about American-made brands later in this post. 


      Pluses for Luxome weighted blankets

      Luxome is much more forthcoming with details about their blankets compared to Gravity Blanket.

      The Luxome weighted blankets stood out to me for several reasons:

      • premium stitching and high-quality natural fabrics (233 thread count cotton covers on the weighted blanket, 400 thread count cotton duvet cover, 300 thread count bamboo duvet cover)

      • machine washable and dryable (One exception: The 30 lb. inner blanket for large beds.)

      • 1mm glass beads

      • small pocket size

      • "noiseless"

      • 12 duvet ties 

      • generous width on the individual/throw blanket (54"x72") to accommodate roll-over

      • a variety of cover color and fabric options including bamboo (considered the best option to reduce overheating under weighted blankets)

      • a different approach to weight choice (from their Amazon listing: "Selecting a blanket based on body weight is actually incorrect and not based on science or fact. The correct measurement is actually the weight per area of the blanket. We conducted our own studies and found an ideal weight per square foot that nearly all men, women, adults, and children agreed on. All Luxome weighted blankets are optimized to this ratio, so just select a size and you can rest assured it’s the perfect weight.")


      Luxome Blanket Options

      Luxome has 2 options: washable blankets with what they call an "integrated cover" and blanket/duvet sets. Both of these options are machine washable and dryable. When purchasing a blanket, consider that even though the weighted blanket is machine washable, having a duvet cover allows you to wash the cover regularly and only wash the heavy inner blanket if necessary.

      Both types of Luxome blankets come with a variety of cover choices including bamboo and plush polyester "minky". ("Minky" blanket fabric is a plush polyester reminiscent of some baby blankets.) Minky is going to be the warmest option, bamboo the coolest. 

      Luxome Weighted Blanket with Integrated Cover


      Luxome integrated cover weighted blanket


      $110 to $140 for 54"x72" depending on cover fabric chosen (minky in variety of colors, or bamboo). Also available in 42"x56" and 60"x80". Click here to check it out on Amazon. 

      Luxome Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover

      Luxome weighted blanket


      $135 to $150 for 54"x72" depending on duvet cover fabric chosen (minky, cotton, or bamboo). Also available in 42"x56" and 60"x80". Click here to check it out on Amazon. 


      Weighted Blankets Made in the US

      Since people have been asking me about weighted blankets made in the US, I've begun researching more into the place of manufacture for the blankets. So far, I've only noticed a couple of brands pointing out that they produce their blankets in the US. (Many companies distribute their blankets from a US location but manufacture them elsewhere.)


      Magic Blanket

      Magic Blanket has some pluses and minuses.

      Magic Blanket pluses: 

      • claims to be the 1st to manufacture a weighted blanket

      • is "machine washable and dryer friendly"

      • has a limited guarantee: 10 days if you don't like it, lifetime if it is faulty

       Magic Blanket minuses: 
      • does NOT use glass beads. (They use "100% new, BPA-free, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic polypropylene pellets".)

      • do NOT have duvet covers or duvet ties (They say that they don't like duvet covers for weighted blankets because the weight is too much for the ties.) 

      • are pricey: the 48 x 78 size is $250


      Capeable Weighted Blankets Etc

      Capeable manufactures their line of weighted blankets and wearables in the US. They are interesting in that besides blankets, they have weighted vests, shawls, and scarves. 

      Their weighted blankets are around the same price as Magic Blanket and are similar in that they aren't constructed for duvet covers. But Capeable blankets have some advantages over Magic Blanket: Capeable uses glass beads and has a satisfaction guarantee. 

      Capeable weighted blanket pros:

      • is "machine washable and dryable"

      • has a "100-day satisfaction guarantee"

      • uses glass beads

      Capeable weighted blanket cons:
      • do NOT have duvet covers or duvet ties (Like Magic Blanket, they say that they don't like duvet covers for weighted blankets.)

      • are pricey: 53" x 72" is $249


      Feed Your Calm: Anti-Anxiety Anti-Stress Diet and Supplement Tips for Stress Resilience 




      No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other medical professionals or for your own product research. 

      Note re product links: As an Amazon Associate Partner, I may receive a small affiliate commission for purchases made through these links. My commission does NOT influence my recommendation or impact your price in any way. 

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      • Anke Brigstocke
        Anke Brigstocke

        Hello owner, Your posts are always on point.

      • the Huh
        the Huh

        everything in California causes cancer.

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi Tim R.

        I heard back from Big Lots about the disclaimer on the Broyhill blanket. They didn’t really tell me much, but I think that it is fair to say that they are letting us know that the blanket itself contains the chemical that California has decided is toxic at the levels present. I had wondered if the chemical was in the packaging or the blanket. The wording of the disclaimer that appears with the blanket listing on Big Lots’ website read like it was just in the packaging.

        It doesn’t make me personally feel good about the Broyhill blanket, especially considering that a blanket is a product that is in close proximity to your body for long periods of time.

        This is what they said:

        “Good evening Ann,

        Thank you for contacting the Big Lots Customer Care Department. We appreciate your interest in Big Lots.

        Placement of the Prop 65 label is required to comply with disclosure laws in many locations. Any chemical contained within this product is well within acceptable levels according to Federal law and also passes the stringent Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

        For more information go to :

        Thank you again, and have a nice day.

        Customer Care Department
        Big Lots Stores

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Karen M. Thanks for updating your feedback. Great to hear that the reviews are helpful to you and to know about your experience with weighted blankets for patients.

        - Ann

      • Karen M
        Karen M

        Hi Ann,
        I re-read my previous post, I meant that I have had luck suggesting weighted blankets in general to my patients. I had never heard of CapeAble before your review.

        I do like what I’m reading about it.

        Thanks for including some less expensive, but also good blanket options.

        My patient population is mainly Medicaid, which doesn’t pay for anything, much less weighted blankets!

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi Karen M. Thanks for letting everyone know about your positive experience with the quality of the Capeable weighted blankets. I think that the other blankets that I recommended — Luxome and SAFR — have comparable quality at a lower price. – Ann

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi Tim R. I’m not sure exactly what the warning on the Broyhill Blanket listing on the Big Lots website means. I just sent them an email asking them. I’ll let you know if I hear back from them. – Ann

      • Tim R.
        Tim R.

        What is the meaning of the P65 warning on the “packaging” on the Broyhill weighted blanket at Big Lots?

      • Karen M
        Karen M

        Hi Ann,
        Thanks for the info on CapeAble blankets. I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner, and have had good luck with recommending them to Autistic kids/ADHD kids.
        I’m looking at one for our 29 yr old ‘business woman’ daughter, who loves sleeping with a bunch of quilts. I love the Capeable, bc of the smaller squares, and lack of bare spots on a hip/etc, if the beads shift.
        It is very expensive though. Have you come on any other blankets that are not so pricy, but are still provide the weight, without the bare spots?
        Thanks in advance,

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi Vicky Pope. Thanks for letting me know about Capeable blankets. I added a review of their products. -Ann

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi again Andrea. I just took another look at Broyhill and noticed that the Big Lot listing also says that the covers are “removable zippered”. I assume from this that there aren’t attachment ties on the underlying blanket. Weighted blankets are notorious for getting bunched up inside duvet covers if there aren’t adequate attachment ties. -Ann

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi Andrea. I took a look at the Broyhill weighted blankets that Big Lots carries. (It looks like Broyhill is a Big Lots brand.) They are relatively inexpensive. They have unwashable versions that don’t have the duvet cover option. They also have a version with duvet ties and a detachable washable minky cover. I see on the Big Lots website that both versions come with this warning: “California Customer WARNING: This packaging can expose you to chemicals including Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the state of CA to cause cancer or birth control or other reproductive harm. For more information go to :”. I don’t know exactly what they mean by “this packaging”. -Ann

      • Vicky Pope
        Vicky Pope

        Capeable weighted blankets are made in the US.

      • Vicky Pope
        Vicky Pope

        Capeable weighted blankets are made in the US.

      • Andrea

        We’re you able to test Broyhill weighted blankets that are selling at Big Zlots now for $30?

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Glad you found the post helpful MT. — Ann

      • MT

        Great info. Really helpful. I was finding it hard to pick a weighted blanket — so many choices.

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        You’re welcome Ryan. Glad you found my research and post helpful. -Ann

      • Ryan

        I was searching for an answer to the same question. Thanks!

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi Catherine M. Since you’re the 2nd person to ask about weighted blankets made in the US, I started researching where the blankets are sourced. While many of the weighted blankets are distributed in the US, I only noticed one so far that is manufactured in the US. I added that info to the bottom of the blog post.

      • Catherine M
        Catherine M

        I am only looking for products made in the USA. Is there a tag on the blankets you have encountered that notes origin?

      • Ann Silvers
        Ann Silvers

        Hi Linda W. I don’t know if they are made in the US.

      • Linda W
        Linda W

        Ann, do you happen to know if either of your best weighted blanket choices are made in the USA? Thank you!

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