How Women Legally Abuse Men

How Women Legally Abuse Men 1

A woman’s use of the legal or judicial system to control, demean, or punish her partner or ex-partner is legal abuse.

In these cases, police officers, lawyers, judges, domestic violence advocates, and the justice system itself become her accomplices. Unfortunately, such individuals and systems cooperate with women’s abuses far too often. (I’m not saying that they are always skewed in favor of women, just that it is happening a lot.)

An abusive woman might falsify information in order to manipulate the legal system so that she can:

5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Acceptance

5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Acceptance 0

 "The happiness, the peace, and the love you crave cannot happen without Self-acceptance.” - Robert Holden

 We don’t just have relationships with other people, we also have a relationship with our self. And that relationship is foundational to all other relationships. 

If you don’t accept yourself, you probably don’t accept other people either.

Shame, guilt, perfectionism, and old negative messages repeating in your mind, can all contribute to being down on yourself.

Being unhappy with yourself taints every aspect of your life.

Here are 5 ways to increase your self-acceptance:

Feeling is not a 4-letter word

Feeling is not a 4-letter word 0

Some people act like feelings are something other people—lesser people—have, but not something they experience themselves. They act like feelings are bad.

The reality is that feelings, or emotions, are an integral and crucial part of being human.

Emotions are tools that let us know what is going on between us and the world. They create a feedback loop . . .

Anger is a Secondary Emotion

Anger is a Secondary Emotion 12

I see anger as a secondary emotion.

It is the tip of the iceberg.

With an actual iceberg, about 1/3rd of it is visible and 2/3rds of it is hidden under the surface.

With anger, anger is the visible response, and some sort of emotional pain is hidden under the surface. Instead of dealing with that pain directly, we turn it into anger as a way to release it or redirect it.

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