Therapeutic Photography

Therapeutic Photography

Taking pics, processing them, and posting them on social media might be more therapeutic than you realize.

I recently discovered the concept of Therapeutic Photography: the use of photography by an individual or group to improve mental health. I think that you don't have to necessarily set out to use photography as therapy to have the therapeutic benefits, but becoming more aware of how it can help your mind and mood might boost the benefits.

Therapeutic Benefits of Photography

There is a long list of potential mental health gains from taking pics, processing them, and discussing them.

Therapeutic photography can provide opportunities to:

- express yourself
- pay more attention to what you hear, feel, think, and see
- create order
- share, storytell, discuss
- connect with your subconcious
- get personal insights
- play
- create social bonds
- view the world objectively
- be creative

If you're interested in research into Therapeutic Photography and how it differs from Photo Therapy here's the link to a review article:

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  • Ann Silvers
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