Signs of a Verbally Abusive Wife or Girlfriend

Signs of a Verbally Abusive Wife or Girlfriend

“What she did was take all the pain she’s ever felt in her whole life and aim it at me.”

--One man's description of his ex's verbal abuse

If you have a verbally abusive girlfriend or wife, you aren't alone. Verbal abuse of men by women is probably as common as verbal abuse of women by men. 

Verbal abuse ranges from rageful yelling to passive-aggressive silence. It can be in-your-face bullying or performed in a more backdoor subversive way. Verbally abusive women can achieve their goal to demean, control, or punish loudly or quietly.

Verbal abuse might more properly be called communication abuse. It isn’t just words that are the mechanism for abuse. Tone and body language can also be abusive tools.

Spousal verbal abuse instruments cover a broad range:

  • threatening
  • controlling
  • demanding
  • histrionics
  • fault-finding
  • berating
  • humiliating
  • mocking
  • biting sarcasm
  • name-calling
  • pushing her agenda until he gives in
  • circular arguing
  • the silent treatment

For further explanation of each of the ways women verbally abuse their male partners check out my book:

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Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It





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