How women legally abuse men

How women legally abuse men

“Even though I had never been at all abusive or threatening to my wife (or anyone else), she lied and said she was scared of me so she could get a restraining order against me. That meant I couldn’t go back to the house for my tools, or documents, or anything.”

-a man's description of legal abuse from his partner

A woman’s use of the legal or judicial system to control, demean, or punish her partner or ex-partner is legal abuse.

In these cases, police officers, lawyers, judges, domestic violence advocates, and the justice system itself become her accomplices. Unfortunately, such individuals and systems cooperate with women’s abuses far too often. (I’m not saying that they are always skewed in favor of women, just that it is happening a lot.)

There was a time when North American women had few rights. A woman’s husband could take her children from her and she had no recourse. She could be beaten by her husband and police would not interfere. She was often not believed if she claimed to be the victim of partner abuse.

Times have changed. Unfortunately, rather than graduate to a more just system, far too often, the flip side of these scenarios is happening now: father’s relationships with their children are minimized, a man’s bruises and wounds are not enough evidence for police protection, and women’s statements of “facts” are more heavily weighted than men’s.

An abusive woman might falsify information in order to manipulate the legal system so that she can:

  • enjoy the benefits of using the domestic violence victim card,
  • get an unwarranted restraining/protection order,
  • deprive him of access to his children,
  • exaggerate her need for child support,
  • secure undeserved spousal support, or
  • create havoc in his life.

 For further explanation of each of the ways women legally abuse their male partners check out my book:

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