How women sexually abuse men

How women sexually abuse men 0

People can be shocked at the idea that women can sexually abuse men, but women can, and do, sexually abuse men.

It may look different than the classic sexual abuse of women by men, but it is sexual abuse when a woman uses sex in a controlling, demeaning, or punishing way, and/or uses sex to control, demean, or punish.

There are many ways a woman might sexually abuse a male partner:

7 Forms of Partner Abuse

7 Forms of Partner Abuse 0

We most often think about physically violent acts when we think about partner abuse, but there are many methods of choice for controlling, demeaning, and punishing partners.

Partner abuse takes on many forms. 

7 forms of partner abuse are listed and the question "What is partner abuse?" is answered.

Fish show link between anxiety relief and probiotics

Fish show link between anxiety relief and probiotics 0

Evidence that probiotics offer natural anxiety relief has come in a surprising way—a study about anxiety in fish.

A fascinating new study from the University of Missouri (MU) shows that fish anxiety levels are impacted by the bacteria in their gut. And there’s good reason to believe it’s the same for us humans.

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What is anxiety?

What is anxiety? 0

Simply put, anxiety is heightened fear.

Anxiety can be fleeting, long lasting and debilitating, or it can fall somewhere in between.

Other words that label fear are panic, nervousness, and worry. Any of these levels of fear may also be felt as, or labeled as, “stress.”

It’s important to understand fear in order to better understand and deal with anxiety and stress.

In this post:

  • Fear’s message
  • Fight, flight, or freeze
  • Types of anxiety
  • Anxiety related disorders and conditions
What are Anxiety Symptoms?

What are Anxiety Symptoms? 0

We feel anxiety emotionally and we feel anxiety physically.

Anxiety symptoms can be both emotional and physical.

It can drive you to act in a demanding or irrational way as you attempt to get relief from the fear. Or it can narrow your world as you reduce your exposure to situations that stimulate the fear.

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Panic Attack Symptoms

Panic Attack Symptoms 0

Panic typically starts with emotional causes but those emotions stimulate intense physical symptoms that mimic heart attacks and other scary physical symptoms.

One of the common repercussions of having a panic attack is that from that point forward you can get anxiety about the potential of having another attack. You get anxiety about the anxiety.