Signs of a Controlling Woman

Signs of a Controlling Woman 0

Are you living with a controlling wife or girlfriend?
Or dealing with a controlling ex-wife?
Is a man you know and care about dealing with a controlling woman?


Abusive women can use their words, tone, and/or body language to manipulate and exert control over their partners in an instant, or over time by wearing them down or conditioning.

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  • What a Controlling Woman May Try to Control
  • Controlling Behavior Patterns
  • Characteristics of a Controlling Woman
Parental Alienation Hurts

Parental Alienation Hurts 0

In Parental Alienation (sometimes called Parent Alienation) one parent intentionally alienates their children from the other parent. It is emotionally abusive not only to the alienated parent--it is also abusive to the children.

What we are talking about here is different from normal estrangement that might occur between children and their parents because of expected stages of development or actual bad acts of the parents they are rejecting. It is a distortion of the intentions, attitudes and behaviors of the alienated parent.

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  • The Definition of Parental Alienation
  • Parental Alienation: Syndrome or Not
  • The 3 Alienating Messages
  • When Does Parent Alienation Happen?
  • Parental Alienation Example
4 Step Thought Blocking or Thought Stopping Technique

4 Step Thought Blocking or Thought Stopping Technique 0

Do you ruminate about awful scenarios? or fixate on angry or anxious negative thoughts?

Fixating on negative thoughts or dwelling on awful scenarios can capitalize on your brainpower, ramp up your anxiety, drain your energy, and distort how you see yourself and the world and people around you. 

Learning the technique of Thought Blocking (AKA Thought Stopping) can help you stop negative, awfulizing, catastrophizing thoughts.

The Catastrophizing and Anxiety Connection

The Catastrophizing and Anxiety Connection 0

When you catastrophize (AKA awfulize), you dwell on a worse-than-worst-case scenario and get overwhelmed by a growing mushroom cloud of painful emotion.

That can ramp up your anxiety even though what you are anxious about isn't really happening. It can stress you out, shut down your ability to think clearly, and immobilize you.  

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  • What is Catastrophizing?
  • The Catastrophizing-Anxiety Connection.
  • How to Stop Catastrophizing. 
Emotional Intelligence Quotes with Graphics

Emotional Intelligence Quotes with Graphics 0

It has been said that Emotional Intelligence is a better indicator of potential success in life than IQ, but what is Emotional Intelligence and how do you get it?

Read on for 10 Emotional Intelligence quotes about:

  • Definitions of Emotional Intelligence,
  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence,
  • 4 Aspects and Domains of Emotional Intelligence,
  • Emotional Intelligence vs IQ (EQ vs IQ), and
  • What Emotions Can Do For You.
Why do men abuse women?

Why do men abuse women? 0

Why do men verbally, physically, emotionally, financially, psychologically, sexually . . . abuse women who are their partners?

The overarching conscious or subconscious goals of partner abuse are to demean, control, or punish; but why does a particular man treat his partner that way?

Some people think that there is only one reason why a man abuses a woman. They blame it 100% on patriarchy. They think it is always and only about male privilege. But I think that there are many reasons why a particular man might abuse his wife or girlfriend. And I think that patriarchy has less and less to do with it. 

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