Keep Calm and Carry On Origin Story

Keep Calm and Carry On Origin Story 0

I've seen lots of versions of Keep Calm slogans, and appreciated their anti-anxiety possibilities, but my recent discovery of their origin story has made them even more interesting. 

"Keep Calm and Carry On" with the crown above the slogan was a poster that was created in . . .

  • Ann Silvers
What is assertive behavior?

What is assertive behavior? 0

Assertiveness often gets confused with aggression.

Aggression is assertiveness taken too far.

Being passive is not being assertive enough.

Healthy assertive behavior lies in the middle of the continuum between passive and aggressive.

Healthy assertiveness is . . .

  • Ann Silvers
How to Spot a Sociopathic Liar

How to Spot a Sociopathic Liar 4

Creating elaborate lies for their own gain with no care about who gets hurt is a hallmark of a sociopathic liar. Sociopaths are compulsive pathological liars. 

Sociopaths lie without conscience.

That means that they can look you right in the eye and lie to you and not show the usual markers that would give them away.

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  • Ann Silvers
What is Gaslighting Emotional Abuse?

What is Gaslighting Emotional Abuse? 0

Gaslighting is a crazy-making form of emotional abuse.

Gaslighting occurs when someone intentionally twists your perception of reality for their own gain.

That gain may be to:

  • win a fight,
  • cover-up their actions,
  • make you think something is true when it is not, or
  • think something is false when it is true, or
  • undermine your trust in yourself.  

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Brainwashing in Abusive Relationships

Brainwashing in Abusive Relationships 0

Being in an abusive relationship often feels like torture. Sometimes that’s because your romantic or life partner’s behavior feels like the torture techniques used by mortal enemies.

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  • Ann Silvers
The Perfectionism and Anxiety Link

The Perfectionism and Anxiety Link 0

Perfectionism creates anxiety. 

Not all people who have anxiety are perfectionists, but many people who are perfectionists have anxiety. Perfectionism is a tough taskmaster. The drive to be perfect and have everything around you be perfect is a ball and chain that holds you back and bogs you down. 

The truth is, you can’t be perfect. Other people can’t be perfect. Things can’t go perfectly. Perfectionists are chronically frustrated, disappointed, overwhelmed, and anxious.