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How women spiritually abuse men

How women spiritually abuse men

“Body wounds heal and scar;

a wounded soul requires support and a lifetime to heal.”

--quote from a man who was spiritually abused by his partner

Spiritual and religious beliefs and practices go to the core of who you are. When they are used as a weapon against you, the wounding can be extremely deep and devastating. Being abused in this way can create spiritual turmoil and discombobulate your view of the world.

Spiritual abuse is the use of religious or spiritual practices, beliefs, organizations, leaders, or communities to abuse another human being.

Spiritual abuse of a partner involves distortion, extortion, or extraction.

The abusive person:

  • distorts spiritual or religious beliefs and practices so that they can be used to control, demean, or punish;
  • uses spiritual beliefs, communities, or leaders to extort compliance through force or threats; or
  • uses the communities or leaders to extract punishment for attempting to defy her abuses or extracts him from his religious community.

Examples of ways a woman may spiritually abuse her male partner include:

  • using religious or spiritual practices, beliefs, or organizations to abuse or justify abuse;
  • enlisting religious administration to coerce acceptance of abuse;
  • interfering with performance of reasonable spiritual practices and connection with religious community;
  • ridiculing his beliefs; or
  • forcing him to participate in religious practices.

For further explanation of each of the ways women spiritually abuse their male partners check out my book:

Abuse OF Men BY Women: It Happens, It Hurts, and It's Time to Get Real About It





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